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Our reliance on technology is reaching new heights every day. Ubiquitous fiber connectivity is no longer just a convenience – it’s a necessity.

Across the globe, new funding from both public and private sectors is available to meet this rising demand and appetite for innovation, while new advances in infrastructure are expanding the possibilities. Organizations must act quickly to take advantage of this unique moment in time, but they can’t afford to lose sight of long-term opportunities.

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Installation Instructions MicroTechnology

These instructions apply to the laying of MicroDucts as individual pipes and to the direct burial (DB) of multiple pipe assemblies such as the DuraDrill, FuturePath HDPE, DuraPack and FuturePath Flex.

Download Installation Instructions MicroTechnology Brochure

MicroDucts LSHF

MicroDucts LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) are specifically designed for in-building applications where fire, smoke, and toxic fumes may pose a risk to human life and critical electronic equipment.

Download MicroDucts LSHF Brochure


In Europe, we’ve brought a sustainability focus to every level of our business, from our daily operations, to our products, and our role in shaping industry-wide climate standards and goals throughout the region.

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Dura-Line chamber is an advanced underground access chamber for outdoor communications networks. Its preformed, structural format provides an easier, more flexible, and more sustainable alternative to traditional chamber designs.

Download Chambers Brochure

Return of Wooden Drums

The purpose of this document is to outline the quality acceptance criteria for wooden transportation drums as part of Dura-Line’s drum return program in Europe, India, and APAC.

Download Wooden Drums Brochure

2023 Product Nomenclature Changes

OVER THE PAST 50-PLUS YEARS, Dura-Line has grown into a global organisation that serves a large and diverse client base around the world. To continue providing solutions that meet your unique needs with flexibility and responsiveness, we’re updating our product nomenclature.

Download the 2023 Nomenclature Changes

Product Solutions from Dura-Line

This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of Dura-Line products and solutions. Explore the variety of locations where conduit can deliver fiber for your network's growing demands.

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MicroDuct Accessories Quick Guide

Dura-Line offers a complete line of MicroDuct Accessories and tools to make installations easier. 

Download Accessories
Quick Guide

MicroDucts and FuturePath ECO Guide

MicroDuct products made from up to 100% internal reground High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Download MicroDucts and FuturePath ECO Guide

DuraAir Aerial MicroDuct Solution Guide

DuraAir is a MicroDuct solution for aerial FTTH installations that provides a cost-effective, time-efficient alternative to direct-buried deployments, with no need for digging.

Download DuraAir Aerial MicroDuct Solution Guide