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Drum Return Program

Dura-Line’s Drum Return Program:
Join Us in Our Commitment to Sustainability

Dura-Line is committed to doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment. One of the ways we're doing this is through our Drum Return program, which allows us to reuse the drums after you return them. By working together to reduce our consumption, we can conserve resources and support our shared Zero Waste to Landfill commitment.

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Program Rules

In order to maximize the number of wooden drums that can be reused, we ask that only drums that comply with the following criteria are returned using the drum return program.

If a drum returned does not meet one or more of the criteria or is otherwise in a condition that cannot be reasonably reused, Dura-Line reserves the right to not accept the drum under the drum return program. See the brochure for responsibilities and full instructions.

Visual Inspection:

  • The wooden drums shall be sound and free from defects that weaken the structure.
  • The wood used for drums shall be reasonably sound and free from knots, cross grains, free of barks and borers.
  • Drums shall be free from excessive splitting by nailing.
  • There should be no protrusion of nails or sharp edges of any component of drums.

Dimensions and tolerance:

  • As per drawing or agreed parameters

Acceptance criteria:

  • Make sure the flanges are not broken and the screws are present.

Also check the completeness and shape of the core.

  • The maximum acceptable gap between boards in the core is 30 mm.

For drums fitted with metal plates at the hub, check that plates are present on both sides and that they are also fastened.

  • Flanges should also be unbroken, though small gaps may be accepted provided all elements are secured and are not scratched.